Jean Duruisseau


Biography and career

Jean Duruisseau

Jean Duruisseau's abstract artworks communicate directly and with great emotional power. His Nomad installations and Monotype paintings tend to have a mesmerizing effect on the viewer. They free the viewer's mind from the dominance of reality and enable emotional and intuitive associations.

Duruisseau paints with mineral pigments on custom woven Belgian linen.

JDR's Résidence des Artistes, in Tournai (Belgium), is an inspiring place and encouraging environment for the artists to experiment, create and interact. The co-working itself is a rich experience that allows common contribution towards creation, technique development and art renewal. The artists can share their works and stories with the public in the JDR art galleries in Tournai and Courtrai.

Jean Duruisseau is the pseudonym Jan Vanderbeken adopted for his personal art projects. Jan Vanderbeken (Avelgem 1950) made his mark in the interior design world by creating atmospheres with exclusive and unique artisanal floor and wall finishes. He has worked for private clients, as well in commercial projects, in places like Brussels (BE), Saint -Tropez (Fr), Prague (CZ), Andermatt (CH), Paris (FR), Munich (DE) and San Diego (US).