François Bonnel


Biography and career

François Bonnel

François Bonnel is a French artist born in 1968.

In 2018, the artist decided to devote himself to his passion for painting and photography and to develop the artistic work he had begun twenty-five years earlier in parallel with his profession as a commercial executive in Advertising.

François Bonnel spontaneously addresses his art and explores various fields and techniques of creation. He uses digital media, photography and collage techniques, liberating himself from known references and giving free rein to his invention.

Alone in front of the canvas, the artist defines its limits without necessarily trying to pass on a message.

His flat white acrylic paint surfaces are confronted with others of bright colors that allow us to imagine the elements represented and their share of shadow. They contrast with the pastel (dry or greasy) and with the greasy chalk lines that pave the way, often inspired by the music he listens to while working.