The Concept

Amélie Du Chalard

The Founder

Daughter of an artist, I certainly do not have the "brush stroke", but I always had a taster for art. Spending time in shows, fairs and galleries has always been my main hobby and has allowed me to meet lot of very talented artists.

I quickly helped friends and relatives find artwork they were looking for. Thus, I noticed that the desire to purchase artworks was very strong, but due to lack of time and knowledge of this impressive environment, it was difficult to find happiness…

Therefore, I gradually became the eye of my entourage and I adored it. After years in banking business, the gallery was born that way, simply and naturally.

Amélie du Chalard

How does it work ?

Amelie is a new conception of contemporary art gallery.

Amelie is a new conception of contemporary art gallery. The digital platform offers more than 3,000 abstract works of a group of one hundred artists, Amelie du Chalard carefully selects each artwork. Amelie also has two art rooms in Paris and London, art lovers and the most sophisticated collectors can by appointment, project themselves into the familiar domestic interior before acquiring the work of their choice.

The Concept


I choose my favorites works.


I make an appointment in the Art Room


I purchase the artwork and have 15 days to change it if necessary.

Press coverage !

"Amélie is a contemporary art gallery whose hybrid and avant-garde format rethinks and unravels the codes of the genre."
Milk Decoration

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