Exhibition of the moment

Du temps

Du temps, a collective exhibition by Pola Carmen, Lili Delaroque and Christian Grelier

February 14, to March 2, 2019


No trace with patience. 

In charcoal with Christian Grelier, in gras pastel with Pola Carmen and in ceramic with Lili Delaroque.

Works based on the reiteration of a creative gesture never equal to itself, a free gesture that always seeks the unexpected and the accident.

In all three cases, a kind of frame, rarely betrayed, made with simple materials.

In all three cases, a carefully prepared background, the real foundation of the work.

In all three cases, a score - pictorial and sculptural - made of silences and moose, pauses and repetitions, bursts and zones of meditation.

Time goes by.

And Christian Grelier continues the charcoal traces on huge papers.

Big ceramic pearls of Lili Delaroque slip on threads or ropes, marked by time;

Pola Carmen continues her way of lines relentlessly letting the possibilities exist. 

We question the idea of time and space.

Time does not run here, it is suspended.

Amélie du Chalard

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