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Dansez !

Dansez ! - collective exhibition by Colette Billaud and Jean-Charles Millepied

April 11, to April 30, 2019

An energetic painting accompanied by serene and light aerial curves.

Ascending, descending, rotating, hasty and spontaneous traits in Jean-Charles Millepied. Like the path drawn by the baton of a conductor, the gesture is quick and controlled. We find from one canvas to another certain shapes and patterns, such as the notes of a score. Bright colors and infinite shades, bold traces here and more suggestive there.

We feel the physical commitment of the artist, we follow his movement ... the look is lost and we let ourselves be carried away.

A sense of freedom and explosiveness that is rocked by Colette Billaud's constructions balanced and measured. In wood and piano wire, the arches overlap and intersect to find a harmonious composition that takes shape in space. The movement is there, silent and graceful. No ambiguity, just the mobile, abstract, anchored and floating, like a poetry.

A curve, a whirlpool, a round... of the air:

Let’s dance!

Opening : Saturday, April 13 from 3 pm to 7 pm

 at the Art Room, 8 rue Clauzel Paris 09

I register at the opening !

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