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Ladies' Room & Mineral

The Ladies' Room & Mineral with Elisa Carutti and Fabienne Jousse

June 12, to June 30, 2019


The collective has imagined furniture and objects that interact perfectly with the art room and the works that punctuate its walls. The theme of the drawing room is, or "salon" is a reference to the events were women received, drew, played music but also expressed their ideas. Among the offered pieces, a marble throne and side table, a stoneware bowl, a brass suspension, and a stool are part of this capsule collection which also includes trays, glasses, decanters, lighting fixtures, and vases. Founded in 2016 by the four friends in Milan, The Ladies' room creates multidisciplinary projects that meet the renewed needs of our time while calling on the most advanced Italian craftsmen. The design of each piece is a smart balance between the creative identities and the use of high-quality materials. The Ladies' room strives to offer an experiential dimension of design in harmony with the spirit of the Amelie Art House while preserving the personality of each of the four ladies.

"An empty house is not a real house, and objects are not just objects; they keep us company.
THE LADIES' ROOM presents "You Are Welcome," an intimate space inhabited by a tailor-made collection, inspired by the layout of the drawing rooms; Rooms used to be for men.

A social space in which objects tell a story and make each domestic interior unique. This collection creates a varied panorama illustrated by delicate metallic shapes, ceramic gestures, textured marble, and glass with mystical transparency. These creations compose a delicate interior with a touch of pink. "


There is undoubtedly a mineral. Probably something organic too.
Some micro, nano, fragments of nature:
In Elisa Carutti’s pattern: a stone, a rock, and molecules.
In Fabienne Jousse’s materials, a particle, an graphite exact, a damaged paper.
Elisa Carutti's compositions are superimpositions on the aquatint of broken, disordered elements as if to restore "the form to the formless.»
Fabienne Jousse’s work stands on «  a controlled hazard » where very volatile graphite powder comes to fix the deformations of the paper with adhesive paper.
Often only one single color, always one material: the paper. As well as an economic of means.
See for the essential in the natural.

Opening on Thursday, June 13, from 6 pm to 10 pm

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