In Situ

Nadine Altmayer

Woven on the beam, this in situ is made entirely of wire. The artwork created in 2017 evolves as the iron takes on rust tones as time goes by.
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Tanguy Tolila

Tanguy Tolila illustrates the myth of Zeuxis that birds came to peck at his grape paintings. He uses recycled materials. Featuring a bunch of grapes and the lifelines found in all Tanguy Tolila's works, the fresco painted in black is surrounding the bird.

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Delphine de Luppé

Armed with a creamy pastel, the artist comes to cover the shape of a volume of architecture in coherence with his leitmotiv. Vaults thus surround this rounded wall.

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Nadine de Garam

Based on a bronze casting of a young branch, Nadine de Garam works on the wall with poetry and delicacy.

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Marie-Claude Bugeaud

Through a blue monochrome, the artist paints a last or first glance.  Like a twilight above the bed of the Art Room, the artist is mixing simplicity and accuracy.

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